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Lefkada travel guide

Lefkada Porto Katsiki
Lefkada is an island in Greece that although is one of the most beautiful of Ionian sea , one could called it “mainland” island since linked to Etoloakarnania (mainland) by pontoons. It is the forth island in the area of Ionian sea with population of 212984 residents.
The name Lefkada comes from the southernmost tip which is cape
 Lefkada gives beautiful memories and experiences to all visitors as it is an island that combines everything and covers all wishes!
 Lefkada has some of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the world. Lefkas’ beaches with turquoise waters, white rocks and wonderful sands that every year become headlines of many foreign travel guide and gets awards for the best beaches of  Mediterranean.
 The only sure is… that if you visit Lefkada you will fall in love with it.!!

Lefkada Lefkas has many and beautiful beaches to visit, according to your preferences. But one thing is sure, that you will love all of them!!
Let’s go to experience the west coast of Lefkas…
Agios Nikitas
Agios Nikitas
It is a beautiful scenic beach with turquoise waters, right after the settlement of Agios Nikitas. There are many small cafĂ© around to drink your coffee and restaurants to enjoy your fish, overlooking the fantastic gulf of Agios Nikitas. Also, behind the rocks of the beach, there is another small “prive” beach (Ammodoula) with the known cave of Fokotrypa.

It is a beach not accessible by car, but very easy to visit by using taxi boats from Agios Nikitas, paying a tiny fare. Another way is to walk through a path from the village of Agios Nikitas. Surely it is worth…

It is an organized beach to the characteristic big rock which separates that beach from the nudist beach.
Pefkoulia Beach
One of the most popular and most organized beaches of Lefkada, with many beach bars that play loud music, has become the favorite beach of youth.
The white sand is ideal for rackets and beach volley. The waters are turquoise. The most beautiful sunset of the island Just amazing…!!!
Kathisma Beach
Located near the village Kalamitsi, is a special beach with white pebbles and large rocks.
Kalamitsi Beach
After Athani will meet a long sandy beach and it is adorable for those who enjoy camping.
It is one of the most popular beaches of the Mediterranean with so turquoise and clear water that you think that swimming in pool. You will enjoy it when you walk down the 350 steps. But you don’t be afraid at all because when you see the scenery you will get tired taking pictures. Also when you get to the beach you will run dive into the sea by saying “ii was worth it..”
Egremnoi Beach
Porto Katsiki
What to write and how to capture the incredible beauty of Porto Katsiki!!!! Is the star of island! It has won many times the award of the best beach in Greece and it is one of the most famous in the world. It is the beach of white sand and big rocks. In short, someone can say that Lefkada is Porto Katsiki.
Porto Katsiki Beach
 Then we will know the popular eastern side of the island…..
Agiofili Beach
Many people have loved it not unfairly they consider it as the most beautiful beach of the island. The water is emerald green with incredible clarity. Access is from Vasiliki with small boats or if you fancy exploring a small path .
It is one of the ten best beaches in the world for lovers of wind surf. Every year the international festival of wind surf is conducted with great success. Also there are many schools for those who want to try the sport.
Ammousa or Ammouso
It is located near the village Marantochori with calm and crystal water, beach with pebbles and beautiful small taverns.
Mikros Yialos
After Poros is the beautiful beach if Mikros Yialos. In a quiet environment with turquoise waters you will meet the calmness.
It is a picturesque beach near Vlycho overlooking Meganisi. You can explore small caves and lovely beaches.
The beaches of the east side are not as impressive as the famous beaches of the weswt side but they have one important advantage: they are not affected by severe weather and are always calm and safe.

Perigiali – Nikiana – Episkopos – Lygia
Down the coast of Lefkas – Perigiali you will meet the most beautiful beaches of this side. You will find many beaches drowned in the pines. The sea takes their colour and the beaches have shadow and are suitable for families.

And, finally, the beaches of the north side of Lefkada
Agios Ioannis – Myloi
It is one of the most popular beaches of Lefkas for sport lovers. Enthusiastic wind surfers and kite surfers visit it since the weather and the water are ideal.
It is a great beach outside the city of Lefkas with crystal clear turquoise water.
It is an individual beach with fantastic sea and especially for the gravel of the beach that is about the size of lentils.
It is a beach outside the city of Lefkada and near the pontoon beach.
What to see 
Lagoon of Lefkas
The lagoon in the city of Lefkas, one of the most beautiful spots on the island, is an important wetland. It is well-known for the number and the variety of birds that gather there during the migration period. It is incredible what you can experience up close with the rare beauty. For this reason it is internationally protected.
Ancient city Nirikos – Lefkas
One of the most important attractions of Lefkas is the ancient city of Nirikos. It is located in Kalligoni 2km outside the town of Lefkas towards to Nidri. The ruins date back to ancient times.
There are two cemeteries, monuments, cottages and many other interests. The inhabitants abandoned the city in 1300, which was razed later to earthquakes.
Scorpios Island
It is a small island of Lefkas that belongs to the Princes’ islands. It is located across from the secular Nidri. It became famous when the tycoon Aristotle Onasis bought it and converted it into a paradise by planting thousands of trees in order to take the form of a scorpion and by building hostels had the whole world talking about this island.
Cape Lefkata – Akrotiri Lefkata
Cape Lefkata
Cape Lefkata is one of the major sightseeing and a place of wild beauty of Lefkas. It is located near to the famous beach of Porto Katsiki. Really when you get there you will take pictures of the imposing landscape with spectacular views of the Ionian Sea.
From the huge white rocks took the name Cape Lefkata. According to the tradition it is said that the lyric poet Sapfo committed suicide by failing on sharp white rocks when she learned that her beloved Phaon rejected her.

Waterfall Lekada
 Just outside of Nidri (4km) is an earthly paradise. You can leave your car in the parking next to a coffee shop and walk the path that leads to the waterfalls. There it formed a small pond that you can swim in the cool fresh water and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Really it worth a visit.



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